The perfect Christmas turkey

Several customers who have had ElectricKit conversions were asking before Christmas how to cook the roast turkey. Before conversion, for many of them it was a bit of a hit and miss process, as when they started using the hobs to cook the vegetables (and possibly steam the Christmas pudding!) the heat in the ovens, and hobs, dropped away significantly, and it became a juggling act trying to balance the heat in the ovens with the hobs, and still serve something edible on time.

This is no longer a problem following the ElectricKit conversion, as the ovens and hobs are independent of each other, meaning that they can all be used at whatever temperature you require, whenever you decide you want them.

Christmas 13 001

The turkey, pre oven

We cooked an 11lb bird this year in our converted 2 oven aga, complete with stuffing, pigs in blankets, parsnips and roast potatoes. In short, we set the oven to 220degC (very easy and accurate on the electronic dial), and once up to temperature, cooked the bird for 3hrs, basting once, and adding the trimmings and potatoes later. The hobs were perfect for boiling the vegetables, preparing the gravy, and steaming the Christmas pudding, and were switched on when needed.

It was succulent and delicious, and everything was ready at the time we initially set for feeding the family – quite a relief, and very enjoyable. A hassle free process!

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