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Electric conversion

Considering converting your aga range cooker to electric?

Hampshire Cooker Conversions specialise in converting oil fired, solid fuel and gas range cookers to electric power – making them more versatile, economical and sustainable to run.

By radically re-engineering the inner construction, using the ElectricKit conversion, your range gets a new lease of life, making it as efficient and flexible as possible while maintaining the benefits you love.

By updating your range, you are able to:

  • Drastically cut your running costs (up to 80% saving achievable)
  • Heat each hob and the ovens independently if desired
  • Accurately set and control the oven temperature
  • Make it flexible to operate with easy-to-use controls (now able to switch oven on and off with Wemo App and mobile phone)
  • Decrease ‘heat-up’ and improve ‘recovery’ times
  • Control comfort levels – warm in winter/ cool in summer
  • Reduce the requirement for servicing
  • Have no flue requirements, and no more combustion fumes

What can be converted? 

The ranges we can convert currently are:

  • Aga – 2 oven oil*
  • Aga – 2 oven gas*
  • Aga – 2 oven solid fuel*
  • Aga – 4 oven oil*
  • Aga – 4 oven gas*
  • Aga – 4 oven solid fuel*
  • 13 Amp Aga, 2 and 4 oven
  • Nobel

*if the aga currently provides hot water, either an immersion heater will be needed, or the hot water cylinder plumbed into the central heating boiler.

There is no restriction on the age of the appliance but we will advise you on suitability when surveyed

Under research

We are currently researching viability of converting ranges from other manufacturers, namely Rayburn, Esse and Stanley

We will keep you updated with news as it comes out

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