More spares available!

From time to time, I have a clearout of old aga parts I have collected during conversions. This is mainly relevant for those wanting to keep their agas running in the ‘traditional manner’, ie. without an electrickit conversion. I am keen to reuse what would otherwise be disposed of as scrap, so if there are any parts you need, do get in touch – I may have one, but may not have listed it on ebay yet!

I recently sent a solid fuel outer barrel and ashpit to Novia Scotia in Canada for a lady who just could not get hold of those parts locally because of their age – funny to think of parts from an aga that had been in use for nearly 60 years near Winchester travelling 2800 miles for another lease of life…

Follow me as a seller on ebay by putting my seller name (tontowood) into the advanced search at the top of any ebay page – that way you will be notified as new items are listed.

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