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More Detailed Engineering Information


By converting the heat source to electric, we are now able to apply the energy where it is needed and do away with the large cast mass of the combustion chamber and flue ways.

One element powers the ovens (2 door Aga) and the hobs are independently controlled by their own thermostats and separate elements. By removing a large part of this unwanted mass of cast iron, we have radically improved the heat up times i.e oven from cold takes 1hour 35 mins to reach 200 deg c. The hobs are now totally independent of the ovens and the reduced mass means you can be frying within 10-15 minutes from switching either hob on to suit.

Standard Aga control panel

Standard Aga control panel

The oven temperature is now able to be controlled by a system used on commercial ovens and kilns which is much more robust. You are now able to cook with pinpoint temperature control and as a result with much improved efficiency.

The temperature you set for the top oven is the temperature you get within a few degrees. This is a big improvement on the old operating system where differences have been recorded of up to 20% of the set temperature due to the slow recovery times of the conduction method and the drag/ tolerance of the thermostat.

The LED readout on the new control panel shows the temperature of the top oven and the old mercury thermometer is no longer needed for temperature monitoring, though it is kept for cosmetic purposes.

For 4 oven Aga’s,  an extra element with its own control is added.

Electricity Supply

  • Power supply – 2 x 13 amp fused spurs, or a split 30 amp electrical supply are required.
  • Timers – You can chose to use 1 or 2 timers, one for the ovens and a second for the hobs if required. These are readily available on the open market, with a wide selection to choose from to suit your preferences. We can help you select these to meet your needs.



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