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Using my converted Aga

These are the main features I have found I needed to know to operate my 2 oven Aga once it was converted. I am very happy to go over any further questions you might have regarding this, as it might take a bit of getting used to, compared with using the original setup. I will add more information about other ranges as it becomes available.

Top right oven – this is fully controllable in degree celcius and takes approximately 1½ hours to heat up to 200 deg c from cold.  Following a conversion, this is likely to be the oven you use most, if not for all, your baking and roasting, as it is very easy to control.

Bottom right oven – this is not controllable but tends to work alongside (see table below) the top oven as the element is placed between the 2 ovens.  This is now often used for warming plates, keeping food warm and slow cooking.

It can also be used for grilling effect. Turning the top oven temperature control  up by e.g. 20 deg causes a pulsing firing effect which acts as a grill – you just need to place your dish near the top of the oven.

If you are using the top oven already you can cook in the bottom bearing in mind the following approximate temperature differentials.




160 deg c

100 deg c

200 deg c

140 deg c

230 deg c

160 deg c

These temperatures are reached when the top oven has had chance to settle down e.g. 30 minutes after reaching required top oven temperature (from cold)

Two Hobs – Both can be controlled independently and take approximately 10 minutes to reach maximum temperature. This means you can have them both on at once, or only one at a time, or neither – maximum flexibility.

Timers – Two are recommended to control the “ovens” and the hobs.  In the autumn or spring, you can opt to have the whole Aga switched off automatically, e.g. 9pm and to then automatically switch back on, e.g. 5am.

Summer – Typically, our clients have their Aga’s switched off, only switching on the parts as and when required.

Winter – Depending on the heat you want in your kitchen a combination of top right oven and hob(s) switched on will provide heat.  This will be different for each household and will take some adjustments with the temperature controls to reach desired temperature.



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